Powerstar will participate in the 2020 SEAWORK Shanghai International Commercial and Official Marine

At this exhibition, Shanghai Visfair exhibited a full range of products, among which generators brought the latest GV series products, attracting a large number of ship owners, shipyards and yacht clubs to visit.

The advanced design of technology has even attracted the attention of many friends in the industry, and our latest GV series has been highly praised.

In addition, the German Webasto comfort system also appeared in the full range, the most dazzling product is the Webasto S20 marine air conditioner. Compared with competitors, the volume is reduced by 20%, the noise is reduced by 50%, and the outstanding performance has won a lot of attention.

Many customers on site have reached preliminary cooperation intentions. With the increasing requirements for comfort, volume and weight of off-grid power systems in the modified vehicle market, Powerstar GV series permanent magnet generators stand out from competitors with absolute advantages in size and weight.

Customers in Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu continue to place orders. The volume of the hot-selling model W-GV8 is 30% lower than that of the traditional fixed-speed model, and the weight is reduced by 50%.

It has been affirmed by well-known manufacturers in Qingdao: the increasingly upgraded tonnage of marine rights protection, the need for rapid response to offshore law enforcement, safe and orderly port operations, the gradual recovery of marine engineering, the continuous improvement of comprehensive strength of ocean-going scientific expeditions, and the increasingly refined unmanned boat project let everyone see the goals and expectations at the press conference.

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